Humans are genetically engineered to form groups and help each other, history is a clear proof that people who live in a community survive and thrive. We are on a mission to save the digital creative space and hence help creators and artists. We are inviting all the creators, all the artists from all around the world to become a part of this clan.

Greetings Creator,
The Creator's Clan is a community of creators, for creators and by creators. Every creator in this community gets help to market/promote their content to thousands of people so that we can come up together and fight the polarity in digital creative space. Here are some of the perks of joining "The Creator's Clan":
  1. Increase your audience base - Reach out to more people and spread your content to a wider range of people.
  2. Get a place for your content in our bi-weekly newsletter sent to more than 20K people.
  3. Competitions(with rewards) held for clan members exclusively
  4. Launch your content with us - Pitch us your idea about any kind of content you create and we'll sponsor your project and help you.
  5. Get hired - Hiring competitions will also be posted once in a while so there is a good way for you to bag a freelance gig or a full time job.
  6. Get featured in our monthly podcast.
  7. Get reviews from a pool of like minded creators and improve your content's quality.
  8. Meetups and Events - Meet your fellow community members in meetups organized by us and grow your network.
Additionally, we see this as a movement to save the digital creative space. By joining, you would be playing a crucial role in this movement.
What you can do?
  1. As a Creator: We encourage you to submit your content[ Just click on CONTRIBUTE on the top of website]. We publish it and market it for free without claiming ownership of it, we provide redirect links to your preferred source along with your content. If you don't have any content readily available don't worry just join the clan [Click on "BE A PART" on the top of website] and we'll take care of the rest
  2. As a Consumer: Readers/watchers/listeners are as crucial as our creators. You can join our clan [Click on "BE A PART" on the top of website] to get bi-weekly/weekly updates. Maybe someday you will find a way to contribute with your creations as well.
What's the fine print?
  • You retain all rights to your content.
  • You can remove your writing at any time (although we’re looking for writers that want to stick around for the long term).
  • We wont edit/change any of the text or images in your articles unless you ask us to (grammatical help, formatting help, etc).

Hope you know what are we up to, see you around creator.