In a fairly recent incident an auntie from Delhi, India allegedly said: “Men should rape you because you wear a short dress”. This article is an analysis of what happened there.

This shows a completely damaged mindset, lack of awareness of the weight that this statement carries, worst thing is that she’s not being apologetic after the incident. Now, this video surfaced on Instagram and now millions of people know this incident and throwing out their opinions about her.

To understand the situation let’s take the example of Saudi Arabia. Nike and other sports companies have launched “sports hijab” because the women are been forced to wear a particular type of clothing. I certainly do not want a nation like that I want to wear whatever I want, well that’s a lot to expect from a monarch nation.

Let’s see another case:

Recently a man was caught robbing a house by the owner, the owner tied him to the chair, shot 2 bullets in his head by a licensed pistol.

Of course, I made up the last case but why does this case feel unethical but the former case looks completely fine? I have simply increased the intensity of the incident and re-framed it.

I am none to pass judgements about what could have been done and what not, but it’s just the way things work. Whenever there are multiple parameters involved with any event it’s simply inappropriate to analyze the situation and pass judgement with the limited knowledge you have. There’s freedom of speech, there’s privacy breach, there’s cyber-crime, there’s mental assaulting and a lot of other things, so no comments on that.

There’s a term called ‘Technostress’ it means stress due to inability to cope up with the change in technology.

Let’s us all agree that traditional Indian culture had some drawbacks but still it is the way most of the elders think nowadays. Most of the good things that are now being adopted by the “Indian culture 2.0” are been taught to us by technology. The elders in the world just do not know how things can change online.

One thing that you can do is teach people around about the effect of technology and the ripples that each post can create.